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Partial reload from the client.

Hi Guys,

I do have a button to trigger a partial reload from an excel.

It does work in the configuration: thick client / on the dev server.

I cannot make it working in any other configuration

     -thick client/ on the user desktop

     -browser / on the user desktop

It's not doing anything, doesn't even try to load the xls.

Any idea?


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Hi Eva,

Maybe below link will help you.

Partial Reload problem


Arvind Patil

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Thanks Arvind,

The reload is working and it's not a security table ( I don't even have a security applied)

Master II
Master II

Users in a server-envrionment cannot trigger a (partial) reload.


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I'm not sure to get it, why we can create a button for partial reload/ reload if the user cannot do it?