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Percentage of Total

Hi all,

this is a relatively simple problem that for some reason i cant get my head around.

I have the following table which is essentially survey data from 2 years;

     [What type of business do you work in?],

      [Which location do you work in?],

     [What age range applies to you?],

     [Please state which one applies to you?],




from which i build 4 charts based on the 4 questions (fields with a question mark not Question field). 

each chart is practically the same; Question mark field, Year and Answers make the dimension (answers are 1-4), in this order.

the expression is simply count(answers).

FYI my chart type is a stacked bar chart.

within the data i have 2 years worth of data. between the two years more people completed in year 2. this makes comparison difficult and therefore a % comparison is required but i cant get one to work? all of my attempts either dont recalculate as filters are made or when they do recalculate they don't add up to 100% as some data is lost.

Thanks for any help.

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