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Permissions issues with files - multiple developers

Hi All,

We have had a number of instances where file permissions (I believe) are causing us a bit of a headache.

The setup:

- Dedicated Server

- Development is done via Remote Desktop Connections

- Multiple developers working on the same files, not simultaneously, but opening-making changes-saving etc...

- All developers have the same permissions with regards to Windows Groups

The problem:

- Often we can't run a QMC reload of a QVW - it just won't run with no log created etc...

- If I open the file - I can reload it from within Qlikview desktop.

- So to resolve, I save it as another file and then I can reload via QMC

- Then , another developer logs on and tries to reload that same file but can't (same problem as above)

- This person then opens and saves as another file to aleviate the problem

This to me screams of permissions problems when one person saves a file they seem to become the owner.  We have similar problems where a script writes QVDs to a folder.  If the person running the process is not the person who developed the QVW, then the reload cannot overwrite the QVDs and just errors out!

Does anyone have a similar setup?  How do we get around these problems?

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Hi Gareth,

Did you managed to resolve this?

It seems that I'm into the same issue.