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Contributor III

Pie chart does not appear all categories Values

hello ,

i have used pie chart to represent a categories percentage value  so i set Value labels as custom then select share but 2 categories are not showing their percentage and when selected only both of them i found that their percentages is almost lower percentages however i need to have their percentages shown without using selections. 

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What program is it about - QlikView or Qlik Sense? Judging by the figure, this is a chart of Qlik Sense.



Contributor III
Contributor III


you totally right Qlik sense

Contributor III
Contributor III

It would help for you to play with the axis ranges. My personal rule is that if there are more than 5 categories/topics, or if the data has such low extremes, for us to revert to a bar graph instead.

First try and play with the ranges in the axis and if not, I would recommend a bar graph instead.

This is a decision you would have to make based on how better to project your data. It is the same as having a bar graph across 60 days for each day on the x axis. It would messy, But if you used a line graph instead, it projects better.

Hope this helps.

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you can show the legend in the chart with numbers, so that user can use that value for analysis.