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Pivot Table: Show only the total value


Is this possible in qlikview especially in a pivot table:see the image below


i want to hide the values of the column(columns in blue) and show only the total..

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Use a formula that evaluates to null if inside an internal cell.

E.g.: let's say your innermost dimension is Field1 and the expression you want to get the total is Sum(Amount).

You could use

=If(Count(Distinct Field1) = 1, Null(), Sum(Amount))

Untested, just to give you an idea.

Good luck!



    If you just want to hide the values all you can do is change the color of the text.

    There are 2 ways u can do that.

    Click on + sign next to expression. find the text color. where you can write the code.


    go to properties-> find the visual cues-> set upper and lower limit and change the colors of that as you want.

    Hope this will help you.


Kaushik Solanki

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i think if i change the text color of the expression if will affect the whole column.what I want to to is to hide the text of a certain column except its total...


Hey Mars,

One way is to use Dimensionality(). This function gives you an integer value depending on what dimension level you're on. The total row will belong to another level than the detail rows.

Please see attached example file.



you can use the function dimensionality().

This will tell you at what level your cell is in the pivot table structure. So In your example where you have two dimensions the cells you wish to hide will have dimensionality > 1. So you can write your expression like this:

=if(dimensionality()>1,' ',YourExpressionHere)

as the pivot recalculates the expression on total lines the Total will appear whereas the other cells will be blank.

If you have more dimensions you will have to tweak the condition set on dimensionality().

hope this helps.

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i'll give this a try..thank you so much sir Johannes