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Contributor III
Contributor III

Pivot table some problem,Who can help?

I have problems in pivot table.

     My data like a sample file was attached and I figure it below.

Test Pivot.PNG.png

I need to hide some expression in first dimension( Value = All), hide null dimension, Show all period(Jan - Dec) Year 2014( Apr- Dec) not yet data and add total average in right of table.

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Edit the 1st Dimension and add this as calculated dimension.


And check the option ' Supress When value is Null' in Dimension Tab.



Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Prabhu, Thanks a lot for reply.

          Your solution hide all row in 1st dimension(='All') but I would like to show 1st dimension(=All) with expression 'Case' and 'Amount' only and 1st dimension(='B' or = 'C'), I still would like to show with 4 expression 'Case', 'Amount', '%Case' and '%Amount'.

             However, Thank you very much for your reply.



For First dimension try to write like

=if( Len(ItemName)>0,ItemName)

Specialist III
Specialist III

The text can be hidden instead of the complete expression. Please take a look at the example.

One quick question do you want to show all months even if there are no data (example year 2014 does not have all the months)