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Prevent Recalculation


Is there any way to temporarily disable recalculation while developing a file? I am working with a very large dataset in a fairly complex workbook and some tabs can take over 30 sec to recalculate. When I am flicking back and forth between tabs to check expressions or chart properties, this is very frustrating as I do not need to see the actual results, just the properties of each object.

Tableau and Excel both have functionality that can disable updates which I have found very useful while developing. In QlikView it appears that I can only press the red (X) alongside the calculating progress bar, which works to an extent but tends to be slow to respond itself as the processor is too busy to register the interrupt.

Am I missing something else, or are there any easy workarounds?

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Creator III
Creator III


You could set a sheet to Read Only, so you can't make any selections and there are no calculations made.

Could this help ?

Or set a calculation condition on each object like '1=0'


Dirk K.

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III


You can detach an object to suspend recalculation (on the General tab of sheet object properties). But this setting is not persistent.

For a more persistent solution while developing, you can reduce the data that's loaded (FIRST 1000 on SQL Server, or in debug mode in QV), or you can set a conditional calculation on the problem objects, so that they only calculate if the number of rows is small.

Finally, if you minimise the object, it will not be calculated. Nor will any objects on sheets other than the current one.



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Thanks for the tips, it would be great if there were a global setting that could just be flicked on or off, but the methods you both suggest are certainly useful.

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Champion III


If things are taking 30+ seconds to recalculate then that is going to give a pretty poor End User Experience.  I'd suggest you tune whatever is causing the slowness.

But there again it may just be that whilst your qvw is in development, then things by definition may be slow as they are work in progress.

Best Regards,     Bill