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Specialist II
Specialist II

Print a graphic


I am using the "print"  special icon to print a graphic.

The graphic has a slide bar: it does not show all the graphic at a time in screen. You move the slide bar so you move from month/year, from left to right (jan '07 - feb '07 - .... - dec '07 - jan '08 - .... - dec '08 - ... - nov '11). You see 12 months at once.

This is OK.

The problem is that, when printing, the graphic always shows the "beggining" of the graphic, the "left part", the first 12 months: from jan'07 to dec '07.

Is it possible to print the part of the graphic that is currently shown?


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Not without adjusting your selection I think.

What you could do is create a button with actions:

1 select the last 12 months

2 print the object

3 deselect the months again.

That should do the trick.