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Print icon disappears on Text Object

I have a text object with this expression in it.

='Total Arrivals: ' & Count([PatientEncounterID]) & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & GetCurrentSelections().

I have checked the "print" checkbox on the  Special Icons on the Caption tab in the properties window.  When I am in development mode, things work fine.  I click on the printer icon and it prints fine.  But after I publish it and then open the application (in IE 11) the printer icon is missing.  And yes I am displaying the caption.

I even tried checking the "Menu" option to see what items it gives and when I do that it only lists the Notes item.  Has anyone else had their printer icon disappear?  If so, how did you get it back?


So far nobody has been able to answer this question so I am attaching as a simple example. Note all the icons on the caption. Now do View -> Turn On WebView and watch the icons disappear.

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Yes Allow Print and Export to Excel is checked on this also.

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Partner - Champion III


  • Web View nor the AJAX Client do show a print icon in the object caption (not for charts, not for text objects).
  • Web View and AJAX can print charts and tables from a menu selection (if Printing is enabled), but Text objects cannot be printed in either one of them.

IE Plugin or QV Desktop Native mode do not exhibit this behavior. They both show Print icons, Print... menu entries and allow for printing of "all objects" (just an assumption, I did not check them all)

I didn't notice this before because just printing a single text box seemed a bit useless to me (there are those "Reports" to do that in combination with charts and tables to get a more sensible output) but I guess you are right.



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Contributor III

Helo Jim

I also face the same issue where I need to print the Text object.

Is your issue resolved or any work around?