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Problems in Line Charts


I have created a Line chart, I have these variables there:

X= Is the quantity of cases opened during this month

Y= is the quantity of these cases that were closed

The value that will be displayed in the line chart is the Y divided by X to know the percentage of cases closed against opened cases.

The problem that I found is that for some months the cases opened is lower than the cases closed. This is possible because I am displaying the data per months. So, I have that on July there are 30 cases opened, but this exact month we closed 45 cases from other months. The result will be = 45/30 = 1.5 in percentage will be 150% and that's not the problem.

The problem is that the values on the line chart became crazy:

Do you know what can I change in the chart to display values from 0 to 1000% if necessary but displaying correct and understandable data?

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