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Publisher : 2 documents name in ACCESSPOINT with the same QVW (long or short term data), but easy maintenance...

I have a huge model (of 2.2 Go), that i'm refreshing every hour. (with QMC) , call : MYAPP
But Model is too heavy.

To update is qvw, it's in 2 steps. i have another task, call PREP_TASK, schedule every hours, and then once PREP_TASK is updated, MYAPP is starting to reload (task dependanices), and then publish to my ACCESSPOINT

So, I would like to introduce in the script, that if TIME is between 5 to 6 am, i load all data, and to publish (with publisher) to my server ACCESSPOINT, with the name "MYAPP_FULL"
And all other updates (ie TIME before 5 am or after 6 am) to have a WHERE clause in my script in order to keep only 1 month of history for example, and then to publish (with publisher) to my server ACCESSPOINT, with the name "MYAPP_LIGHT"

Like that, if users want only latest data, they open "MYAPP_LIGHT", but if they want to do long term analysis then open "MYAPP_FULL". And we maintain only 1 version of the QVW.

Any help more than welcome


Thk yu

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