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QMC performace

hi all,

firstly i want to state i know that what i am doing isnt really the most appropriate way to be using QlikView, it is purely a temporary step making use of QlikViews rapid deployment capabilities

I currently have QMC reloading every 10 minutes, the process takes approximately 5 minutes. This will be moved to a postgres server in the near future but until that is ready i am using QlikView to do everything.

my problem (as im sure you've guessed) is that the performance of the GUI is severely hindered as qlikview will use all available cores.

what i want to do is allocate 3 of the available 4 cores to running the reload scripts and use the remaining 1 to run the GUI. i know i can use the affinity within performance to limit to just 3 cores however what im not sure about is whether this limitation will limit both the procedures and the GUI.

can anyone clear this up?


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Yes (I can clear this up) and no, you cannot manage the number of cores available for reloads using the QMC. You can only manage the number of cores used by the QVS (via QMC->System->Setup->QlikView Servers->Your Server->Performance), which has nothing to do with reloads. Neither does the QMC/QMS.

Reloads in a QlikView Server environment are handled by a service called QDS = QlikView Distribution Service (aka GRU) and an army of minions of type QVB.exe. By default, the QDS also uses a large number of available cores to do the reloads, and because the reload process is multi-threaded, more than one core may be involved in the reload of a single document. You see it coming: big conflicts with QVS. This however cannot be solved on a single platform and with only four cores, so we won't dig any deeper into this. Just let them fight for resources.

You can however tell the Distribution Service to use only specific cores for reloads but not via the QMC. You'll have to shutdown the QDS and change a mysterious setting in a server configuration file before relaunching the QDS.

Read more on how to do this here: Re: how to use CPU Throttle ?


that is an absolutely brilliant response and has really helped me out. you sir deserve a drink on me

thank you


Thanks, but no drinks are needed. I'm glad to have been of assistance.

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