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Contributor II

QV 12 desktop Failed to open document for unknown reasons: -6


I have a problem with an opening of .qvw file. It was created on desktop version QV12.

The message is: Failed to open the document, for unknown reasons: -6.

I have checked the forums and tested a few solutions:

1) Opened the application-> Help -> About QlikView ->  Right click on QV icon -> Find "Application Rescue"-> put Value '1'-> Set->close the application-> open file

2) I have checked Windows Security permission for users as well. For all users all there is full access.

Above did not help.

Probably the problem is somehow connected with the fact that I have set up either 'hidden file script' or creating section access 'Inline' type Basic User Access Table and set up ADMIN and USER with the password. After setting it up I have switched off the computer and after turning on I am not able to open the file. Before I did not have this problem.

Any ideas?

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

If this is tied to Section Access, you should be getting a prompt, unless you used the NTNAME system field only, which in that case, you would need to be sure you are launching QV.exe as one of the users you specified in the NTNAME column.  If you did use USERID and PASSWORD, then you should be getting a dialog to enter credentials.  The only thing I see you did not try is to open the app with no data:


That might work, but I am not sure.  You could try the script rescue to get that much of the app back instead of the Application Rescue too.  That is about the best I have at the moment.  


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I experienced this issue today, and it was caused by a lack of disk spaces. I've "rescued" apps before, but in this case this wasn't possible. Only thing I was able to do was een export of the script. But we needed to get a backup version from yesterday and reload that one. So you could check if disk space was the issue and then remenber that when there is not much disk space there is a change the file gets corrupt. 


In a similar situation after no success with opening document i just did the  recovery by creating -prj folder and re-importing the object into new qlik document. 

please see following article