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QV Sap Connector pros and cons?

I am currently analyzing the pros and cons of the different ways to unlock sap data, because I am just a starter using the Qlikview Sap connector. I would to ask you what the most important pros and cons are of the different Sap Connector ways. And if you might have documentation that could help me, please don't hesitate and send me what you got.

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Hello James,

There are some technical documentation about the Connector but I'd say that the greater pros are that you can access raw tables, cluster and pool tables, DSO objects, Queries and Reports, among others. It's certified by SAP, so it's "official".

I've tried with some other ODBC drivers but none of the was easier than the Connector, and none of them returned some of the queries I passed on to them.

Cons: it require some collaboration from the SAP experts in order to install transports and give permissions on transactions.

My suggestion: get the SAP Connector.


SAP Connector helps lot to extract data from SAP R/3 and SAP B/W.

you can also extract SAP Standard report.

one of the challeging job is to extract delta load from sap cluster table that is tough for any connector.

still if you require any help .

pls reply me.

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Hi James,

As far as I know, using the SAP connector is not solely to use the data dictionary in order to find the reference of the field names and tables (as opposed to the German-named fields), there is a contractual reason for this.

SAP apparently, has a clause included in their contract that no tables can be accessed via a non-SAP tool. Hence, going directly into the SAP tables without the SAP connector makes that you are breaching licensing agreement with SAP. If anything goes wrong on the SAP side, they deny responsability because you have breached the licensing agreement.

Be very careful with this. This is what I have heard, get confirmation or denial of this, prior to accessing your SAP tables directly via SQL, but without an SAP product.

Can anyone else, SAP expert, confirm/deny this?

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Hi Sunil,

Can you please give me some insight in the different ways of unlocking sap data. As you know we can unlock the data with: the SQL connector, Query connector, REPORT connector, DSO/ODS connector and the OLAP connector. What are the pros and cons of each of these ways and which is the best way to unlock the sap data or which do you recommend to be used?


Are you working with SAP R/3 or SAP BW ?.

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I am intending to analyse both ways. But are there specific pros and cons for each unlocking way or are there only pros and cons for unlocking in SAP R/3 ( the SQL connector, Query connector and the REPORT connector) or SAP BW ( DSO/ODS connector and the OLAP connector)?

I was intending in analysing what kind of problems let's say the SQL connector has en which cons this unlocking way has. And analyzing each way like this. Or do you only have pros and cons for SAP R/3 and SAP BW and not for the specific unlocking way?




1) You can extract standard table, Customize table, View,Standard Report , Customize Report.

2) its good tool to integrate with SAP like ERP.

3)you can also excecute RFC with the help of ABAP Program.

Cons :

1) its tough to extract delta from cluster table like BSEG, KONV

2) SAP Report Connector gives data in unstructurred manner.



1) You can extract DSO,Cube,Infoobject

2) You can also extrac fact and dimention table of cube seperately.

4) You can extract data from Multiquery provider.


1) Multiquery provider takes lots of time to extract data.

2) There is no delta load possible in Multiquery Provider.

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Hello James,

what you should use depends on your experience and your SAP knowledge. If you have no SAP BW system and you only want to use SAP BW I would say - Do not install SAP BW only for QlikView. You should also be carefull from the legal point of view because SAP has the possibility to debit you with a OpenHub license - I think but I'm not sure. It is not so clear.

If you have no SAP BW I would suggest:

     - Do not introduce SAP BW only to get the data for QlikView. If you want to use the SAP Service API (SAP

     BW datasource extractors) which is very powerful I suggest you will look around for a 3rd party connector. I

     made good experience with the Theobald connector. It also supports the connection to the SAP Service API      without the introduction of SAP BW and I think all other possiblities of the QV SAP connector.

     - Use the QV SAP connector to extract the SAP tables, reports, ...

If you have an SAP BW system I will suggest to collect the data from the SAP BW system because it will have no performance impact on your SAP ERP system. And your SAP ERP system is much more important than the SAP BW because you will do your operational business with your SAP ERP and the reporting with SAP BW.

     - Use an extractor what you want that supports the extraction of the SAP BW system.

Hopefully it helps you a little bit to find a good solution for your tasks.

Best regards!


Hi Cheenu,

accessing SAP tables through the QlikView SAP Connector won't breach any licensing Agreement with SAP. All extraction methods of the connector are certified by SAP and use RFC communication (the prefered way from SAP).

I know that most of the SAP customers are not allowed to use an ODBC connector to go directly to the underlying Database. Maybe this is what you have heard.