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QV User Audit Dashboard

Like any other application, when users started using it, the next thing is measure and improve.

So, one of the topic - User Acct management. This include:

  1. User's usage
  2. reporting on usage from different aspects, such as role, department, etc.
  3. usage by month
  4. top used QV.
  5. Lic optimisation, if a user's usage is low, we might want to think about tranfering the lic to other?

Of course we can do lot more with user acct, but you get the idea.

Since the account creation is simple in Publisher (we're using active directory, so we just search by email and pick the person), so i was wondering, if there's any ways, we could do the above?

at least we need to be able to generate a list of users who is current using QV, and the QV file the user has access to in Publisherand maybe the deparment.

If such QV application is already exist, please let me have a copy. 🙂 otherwise, any comments or ideas are welcome.

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