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Contributor III
Contributor III

QV11 unable to read MS Report Builder 2012 XLSX file but QV12 works

Hi All,

I am trying to create a QVW application to incrementally updatea a QVD using LOAD and STORE, but I'm unable to import data from a source file (output as XLSX) created by MS Report Builder 2012.

On the same machine, I noticed a difference between QV 11 and QV 12.

QV 11 cannot even preview the source file, much less LOAD the content into memory...  However QV 12 was able to read the file fine, but we can't use QV 12 yet due to licensing issues.

Fig 1


However. when I opened it in QV 12, I was able to preview the rows, which indicates to me that QV 12 is able to read the output.

Can someone pls tell me what is the main difference between QV 12 and QV 11 in this regards ? Does QV 12 has some additional ODBC component that allows it to detect whether a XLSX (Excel) file was generated via a 32-bit or 64-bit connector?

I can only use QV 11 and I cannot change the data source built using MS Report Builder 2012.

What could be the real root cause here?

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Hi William,

Can you give the details of exactly what version of QV11 (v11.2 SR??) and which build of v12 ( V12.1 SR?? or Nov 2017) you are using?

Contributor III
Contributor III


I'm using QV 11.20.12664.0 SR9 64-bit Edition (x64)

QV12 is v12.10.0.0


Your QV11.2 system is old, SR9 was released 3 years ago!

The current release of v11.2 is SR17 so I would suggest testing that.

Be aware that support for v11.2 is ending at the end of March 2018, so you should be planning your upgrade to the latest release.

Also your v12 release is over 12 months old.