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.QVS file and open

What is .qvs file? How to open in Personal Edition?

Please provide info. Thanks in advance.

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Specialist III

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Go through this thread .

Creator II
Creator II


You need to be registered as either a Customer or Partner to be able to download Server, etc., from the Download site.

If you aren't then you can only download Personal Edition.

To open the file script, try usng Notepad

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Master III
Master III

Qvs is a Qlikview Script file whatever is written in edit Script it will be save as .qvs file .You can use the same script in other qvw also.By Insert Option in Edit Script page.

To open you can use notepad++ or simply notepad

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*.QVS is Qlikview script file.

Go to Script Editor. Using one of the following options:

1) Insert -> Include statement to include the entire script into your newly created Qlikview file.

2) Insert->Script and reload the document.