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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

QVW with different user access

Hello all,

I have a scenario where I have a master QVW say A, and then one called QVW say B which is called from master through document chaining.

B has multiple tabs. (tab 1 through 6)

There are 2 sets of users for B. One set should be able to see only only tab1, Other set of users should be able to view all the tabs.

what is a better way to implement this scenario:

1. Maintain 2 QVW copies of B, one with 1 tab and other with all 6 and assign different user in section access list

2. Use sheet level access, and single copy of QVW

3. Any other better way

Please advise.

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Creator III
Creator III

I think you should use from section access to access users to each tab.

Specialist III
Specialist III

You may follow an approach like below.

Use a table to keep users and access_tab something like below.

user, access_tab




create this table in both the qvws.

Then select document chain transfer state option. As you have this access table in both the qvws so when users login to first qvw would have the same access_tab values when they login to second qvw via doc chain.

Now to get the value per users, you can use either section access or simple on open trigger that would match the OSUser() function value with the user name or id in the table and then set the field (access_tab) value accordingly.

Then in the second qvw you can manage the visibility of the tab by setting the condition in the sheet properties.

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Hi Sonika:

I think that is better the option "2. Use sheet level access, and single copy of QVW"   the manteinance is easier for one app than two app.

Best Regards,

Juan P.