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QVX_PIPE_ERROR or unexpected end of data error


I am running a reload with a lot of procedures being called. The data is at transaction level and goes in tens of millions of rows. The issue is that sometimes, it loads data successfully and somtimes it fails with an error QVX_PIPE_ERROR or unexpected end of data. Below both error messages, It also shows that Error: OLEDB read failed. The issue is happening only on two stored procedure which are called multiple times in loop. Sometimes, it gives error on first loop, sometimes second loop. Sometimes it completes successfully but then there is another procedure that goes in loop and gives this error.

Most of the times, it completes in success though. Below is the screenshot of the error. Can someone please guide me what is this error and how to fix this


Error: OLEDB read failed



Error: OLEDB read failed


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The issue is most likely systems resources. Check the QVS.exe process to see if it consumes a large amout of the CPU or Memory. A Qlikview server service restart may help, but a actual Windows Server restart should fix it for a week or so depending on your qvd reload size.

This link below may be helpful as well.