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QliKView with cubes

Hi All,

I have requirement to pull a data from Cubes to QlikView. is it possible?
If so what is the prerequisites and it would be help full for me if i get some documentation or steps to achieve my requirements.



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i´ve got the following code from another forum. Perhaps it could help:

The following MDX-query (for the demo-database included with SQL 2005) will not work if you cut-and-paste it into QlikView:

SELECT { [Measures].[Sales Amount], [Measures].[Tax Amount] } ON COLUMNS,
{ [Date].[Fiscal].[Fiscal Year].&[2002], [Date].[Fiscal].[Fiscal Year].&[2003] } ON ROWS
FROM [Adventure Works]
WHERE ( [Sales Territory].[Southwest] )

However, by using openrowset() in SQL, it is possible to encapsulate the MDX-query in a standard SELECT statement. In this example Microsoft OLEDB for Olap Services is used to query Analyis Services:
openrowset('MSOLAP.3','DATA SOURCE=localhost;Initial Catalog=Adventure Works DW',
'SELECT { [Measures].[Sales Amount], [Measures].[Tax Amount] } ON COLUMNS,
{ [Date].[Fiscal].[Fiscal Year].&[2002], [Date].[Fiscal].[Fiscal Year].&[2003] } ON ROWS
FROM [Adventure Works] WHERE ( [Sales Territory].[Southwest] )')

Note: Support for openrowset is disabled by default in SQL 2005 Server.


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what you are trying to say is,QlikView can use CUBES as well.

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I know two ways about loading cubes data :

1) your cube support MDX queries (MDX is supposed to become a standard language for multidimensional databases, like SQL for relational database) with OLEDB. => see the Pascal post above

2) you cube is only in a specific proprietary language : the easier way is to export all data in column format in a flat file (txt, csv, xls ...) and to load it in QlikView.

That's not a direct usage but it can work with the help of batchs to export data from your cube and to load it in QlikView. You can also quite easily reproduce multi-dimensional Hiearchies in QlikView using the scripts functions hierarchy and hierarchybelongsto.

Hope it helps


Contributor III
Contributor III

I've got around the problem of accessing SSAS MDX cubes developing my own tool to generate MDX queries. It's available at :

Feel free to use it, feedback is welcome.