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Qlik: Combining two plots with different date format

Hi All!

I am looking to do a line chart in Qlik (online) to plot two data series (both are a date list and a corresponding values list). The data series are in separate tables in the Qlik data manager. The date format is also different (DD.MM.YYYY and YYYY-MM-DD) - how do you recommend I proceed to plot them both onto the same plot?

Should I convert them into the same date format, or combine the two sets into one table?

Thanks for any advice!

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Hi @raginipaul24, if possible (and makes sense) I would try to concatenate both series in an unique fact table.

Also load the dates as numbers and relate this field of the fact table with a calendar table that has a single date format, if this is confusing, just using the same date format for both facts.