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Creator II
Creator II

QlikView Editor displaying waved line (for error) in the set analysis

Whenever we use exclusion operator "-" in the set analysis in the expression editor, waved line appears in the script editor.

*Below example has this: although "Expression OK" is indicated on the top left, the first line CTRY-={RO} has waved line.

Error 2.jpg

Is there any setting which I have to turn on for set analysis?

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Don't worry. The syntax checker doesn't understand everything an expression is allowed to do. Compact set operators (like +=, *=, ...) make the syntax checker go haywire. Constructs with $-sign expansion in strategic places will also have this effect, though the expression will work flawlessly. Just ignore...



Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Atsushi,

This is known issue we face in Set Analysis expressions.

The expression  is correct and will still work.


Rajesh Vaswani

Creator II
Creator II

Thank you for both, fast answer. I wished to laurate with Correct Answer to both, but it seems it is excluded only for one, so I will place Helpful Answer to both. I appreciate for clarification.


You should close the discussion, so that others will recognize the green balloon as indicating an answered question. Mark Rajesh's answer as correct if you like. I don't mind at all.