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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

QlikView Publisher reload tasks takes longer time after upgrade to Apr 2019 SR2

Hi experts,

We had an issue that after upgrade from QV12.1 SR8 to Apr 2019 SR2, without changing any hardware configuration and loading script, a few tasks had been running much longer than before.

The 2 major tasks runs for 60% or almost double up with the running duration.

Reviewing with the code, there are certain cases with "Interval Match Joining" and loading QVD with "Where Len([field])>0" that contributes to a large portion of time.

Despite the coding issue, is there any reason that using these functions would lead to longer run time on the new version?

Thanks in advance

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Former Employee
Former Employee

What I would do is compare your script logs for the old and new releases to see exactly where the majority of the issue is occurring, if that is how you found out the interval match and other items were where things were occurring, then the next thing I would recommend is potentially trying the latest SR to be sure you are not missing any fixes there, believe SR3 is the latest SR for that track, so you are one behind.  I am not aware of anything related to the things you mentioned, but I am not much of a developer, so likely not the best person to say.  About the only other place I could point you is the following:

You may find something there that may help explain something.  The only other thing to check is resources, and ensure the OS power settings are set to Max Performance and not Balanced, as that generally causes the cores not to be able to hit their maximum performance frequency, which may be leaving performance on the table.  Most of the major changes occurred in the 12.30 track, so if you did not read the What's New, I would review that too:

Sorry I do not have anything better for you, but this gives you a few things to check.


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