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Partner - Contributor

QlikView Upgrading from 11 to 12

Hello experts,

I've been recently trying to upgrade a QlikView Server from version 11 to 12 and want to know more about the details:

  1. How can I actually perform the upgrade? Download some updating drive or simply trigger from QlikView 11?
  2. What I have to prepare for both QV publisher and QV server for PDF and desktop client ?

Apologies if this is a well-known question. I am new to Qlik and eager to know more.



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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

I'm not entirely sure that I understand your questions, but here is what I know about upgrading QlikView.

To update QlikView Server, you download the new installer from the download portal. Pick the correct package, or just the latest one (12.10SR8) if you want to be up-to-date. Make a backup of important configuration data, documents and the QVPR (see the online help). Then run the installer. If will perform an in-site upgrade.

If you have a deployment over different platforms, run the installer on each platform. The installer will recover all configuration data and will upgrade only those pieces that it can find on the current machine.

QV Publisher is included in the QlikView Server installer. It's just a matter of having/not having a QlikView license  Publisher will be upgraded automatically and together with QlikView Server.

QlikView Desktop is a separate installer. It also upgrades any installations that it finds, a process that is even more painless than the others.

I don't know any QV Server for PDF. Do you mean Qlik NPrinting?



Creator II
Creator II


Hope the attached helps..

QV11 to 12 Upgrade.png


  1. Qlikview latest version download from Qlikview community(
  2. Take backup of Qlkitech folder from server -Progarm Data and keep it into another folder.
  3. stop all qlikview services before installation
  4. Install new Qlikview server upgrade
  5. Restart server
  6. go to qmc and starts all tasks one by one

No need to rescheduled your jobs after successful up-gradation of QV 11 to 12.  It will be as it is.

Just make sure  that you have taken backup of all live application & required files (like .pgo etc)

also our friend Mahesh CJ posted link also helpful to you in detail