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Partner - Creator

QlikView document on Qlik Cloud (SaaS) with misbehavior when exporting table to Excel


I'm facing a very weird problem. I hope that someone here has the answer for my problem.

I've attached a video that shows the misbehaviour happening.

I have a QlikView Document, deployed to Qlik SaaS.

When I make any filter on the document, and try to export any table to Microsoft Excel, the value that is displayed on the Microsoft Excel is different than the value displayed on Qlik SaaS.

This behaviour DO NOT HAPPEN when I open this document through the Access Point, so I think it's a SaaS bug / incompatibility.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you.

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Strange behaviour. Looks like a bug of some kind. I've seen similar behaviour in an old QlikView version. The issue back then was that the Excel export interpreted the set modifiers different than the chart did. 

Are you using set analysis. If so, double check if your expression are using set modifiers syntax correctly. 

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hello Vegar, thank you for your reply. I also think that it is a bug. And no, it doesn't have set analysis, it's just a simples SUM of field.

I'm opening a ticket with Qlik to check if there's a known bug or something like that.