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Creator II
Creator II

QlikView memory leak demo


Our team has found small qvw that consumed about 1TB RAM and crushed production servers. It has only 8k rows.

We investigated the problem and created smaIl demo app. Beware: demo will hang your desktop\server. 

Tested on April 19 SR1 and 12.0 SR2


  • Combochart
  • Two expressions
  • First expression should have position Right (top)
  • Second expression should return 0\0 value and have Static step and Static max properties



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Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

interesting. did you find a solution?


I'm not sure if here is really a memory leak from the expression point of view. The used expression of: sum(0) / sum(0) must create some kind of a cartesian product and it seemed that any of the chart-settings - I didn't went through everything but could imagine that it are the axis-settings which couldn't handle it and repeat it again and again.

If I create a new chart and just apply your expressions there is no abnormality. Another cause could just be that this chart is corrupted. Therefore I suggest to create a new one from the scratch and and adjust one property after another and if it worked the origin object was corrupt and if it chrashed again you know your last adjusting and therefore the cause.

Beside this there might be other ways to apply some special features to enforce a certain view than using to the datamodel non related expressions.


- Marcus