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QlikView12 (Personal Edition) Document failed to load

I first installed QlikViewDesktop_x64Setup.exe in December 2017. It worked fine up until I upgraded to Office365 where I was required to change my domain name. It was changed fro ComputerName.Domain1.local to ComputerName.Domain2.local.

Since changing my domain name I am no longer able to open my document (file path is unchanged).

Steps I have taken to try and resolve the issue

1) I reinstalled the same QlikViewDesktop_x64Setup.exe thinking it may fix it. It didn't.

2) I used the command line C:\Program Files\QlikView>qv.exe /nodata "C:\Users\...\File.qvw". It still produced the error.

3) I used the ApplicationRescue=1 and ScriptRescue=1 (since I do not actually need the data because I connect my model to a SQL database.. All I really need is the data model and load script). This produces the same error.

The error that I am receiving each time I open my file is:

"The document C:\User\...\File.qvw" failed to load.

I click OK and it produces a further OK prompt:

"Failed to open document"

Please help? I rely heavily on this data.

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When you changed the domain, your user identity changed as well. Personal edition only allows you to open documents created under your current identity. To handle such changes, Personal allows a very limited number of "recoveries" of documents created under a different identity. It seems you have used up all your recovery attempts.

You have two options:

(1) buy a license, which is quite expensive.

(2) recreate the document from scratch, which is a pain.

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It's correct what Jonathan said, but just to make sure: do you see any message related to your personal edition license not able to open the file?

If that's the case, another option would be to find someone with a licensed QV desktop version (maybe a coworker at your company?) and let her open your QVW and export the script. Then you should be able to create a new QVW and paste the script into it.

(note also that if you are working in a company that uses a QV server, you might be able to lease a license from the server. Contact the QV server administrators at your site for more help, then)

If you don't see any license related error message, your QVW file might be corrupt. Do you have any copies of that file?



Yes I do have a copy.

Am I able to send it to you? And are you able to determine for me whether it is corrupt or whether it is a licensing issue?

Your help is greatly appreciated!