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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Qlikview 10 Sneak Peak

I got access to Beta 1 of Qlikview 10 Desktop.

Very nice features are coming, some of then are only a field or a menu entry, not functional until beta 2, maybe.

I doesn´t have access to an updated documentation. The Description of the features described below are supposition.

Some of the visible features that I found until now are:


Paste Sheet Object as Link - Now we could created and object based on another and properties will be inherited.

Expression Columns in List Objects - Now you can add Expressions to th List and it will act like a Table Column with single Dimension and multiple expressions.

Expression and Variable Comments - Now we could define a comment for chart expressions and variables. Useful to create a quick help.

Table and Field Comments - Maybe this could be a metadata for documentation

Field Tag - Tags could be added to Field definition. Not clear how to use it.

Field category - Field could be a Dimension, Measure or both - Not active but it could be useful in charts or when navigating in Ajax Repository.

WebView Toolbar button - Now you can enable the Ajax web interface in your document to navigate and develop.

New Container Object - Not sure how to use it.

Mekko Chart - a link to sample charts


Script Panel Redesigned.

Left Panel with command short cut removed.

Test Script in Menu (disabled) - I think that syntax of script could be checked before run

Syntax Highlighting.

Some one else have more information ?

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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Wow... Superb would like to know more about it..!!!

Specialist II
Specialist II

Hello Pablo,

How do you got access to QV 10 b1?

How can I get it?


i think you need to be a member of the Beta 10 community, we need to have a valid Beta credentials; i don't know where to get one.

check here ->



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Hi Jason,

How do i register to Beta 10. I tried opening the link, its asking me the credentials.

Can you please post a link to register to beta 10.




Hello Sridhar,

I'm not sure where to get the credentials, I don't have credentials too, I'm still waiting for Support's reply to my email. Perhaps, it's an invite only Beta 10 forum.

Thanks and regards,


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Currently, the beta program is for internal employees only

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We will be posting more information about the beta program in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to QlikCommunity (and your inbox) for more details.

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Qlikview 10 Release Candidate will be out there soon, but I can antecipate some of the cool features available in RC:

- Project Files: It is possible to save a QlikView document into several files, that can be used for versioning. Each file defines a property of the document, a sheet, an object, the script etc. Each time the document is opened and an object or a setting is changed, these changes are saved to the different files, making it easy to follow the changes made in the document. This way you can also see who made a change and to which part of the document. (extracted from Reference Manual)

- QlikView Data Exchange Files: This is a new file/stream format for high performance input to QlikView. A QVX formatted file contains metadata describing a table of data and the actual data. In contrast to the QVD format, which is proprietary and optimized for mininum transformations inside QlikView, the QVX format is public and requires a few transformations when exporting data from traditional data base formats.

"Comment: No documentation yet on how to generate this file"

-Improved Script Editor: Syntax Check, Autocomplete, import section access from publisher and more others.

-TAGs: Now its possible to assign tags to Fields. 2 special tags already exists: dimensions and measures. A field tagged with dimension will be displayed at the top of all field selection controls in QlikView except in the Edit Expression dialog. A field tagged with measure will be displayed at the top of all field selection controls in the Edit Expression dialog. Tags can be defined via script using TAG clause or via Document Properties page. In further releases Tags could be used to filter Fields by group in several Dialogs.

In the following days I will try to update this list with new features found after reading the updated Reference Manual.

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist