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Qlikview 12 proxy aware

Hi everyone,

we recently upgraded to QV12, and got the problem where our maps wont show.

we connect to maps.googleapis.com to receive map data, but this doesnt work.

If I open the same app with QV11, then the maps work.

does anyone know what the issue could be and how to resolve it?



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Hi Stefan,

I've not had this issue with 12, but could be using a different method of returning maps.

If you can connect to maps.googleapis.com from QV11 then I doubt it is a proxy / network issue, might be worth checking you can access that URL from internet explorer just to be sure.

Suggests it might be an issue with the extension?

Or are you using the url as a background image method?

Creator III
Creator III

Stean, did you every come up with a solution to this?  I am experiencing the same, and thought I had a solution but that turned out to be incorrect.

I'm experiencing the same behavior, QV11 seems to take the IE proxy settings while QV12 is not.  I've tried to force the proxy settings in a number of ways with no luck.  Appreciate any insight you might have.

Creator III
Creator III

Actually, I think I just found the answer in the support portal.  You'll need access to view this link: https://qliksupport.force.com/QS_CaseWizardKnowledgeArticle?id=kA5D00000004N7oKAE

Basically looks like this is due to a new library being used, and there is both a problem investigation (QV-11063) and enhancement request (QLIK-76679) around this.  The following is from the article, although I'm not sure I completely follow:

Workaround until the bug fix:
Proxy has to be configured in order to authenticate all communication for the url that is used
for example
so if it's possible, at proxy level, white-list all requests for the domain that is used.