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Qlikview Alternate State with default current year and month selection in same Tab

Hi All

I have a dashboard which has 2 tabs in which requirement is, each time user logs in First tab should be displayed, the current month and year should be selected. I have implemented that using the triggers. It is working fine.

But, there a requirement that both the tabs should be independent of selections made in one tab. That's why I put alternate state in the first tab. But after putting alternate state, the triggers for current year and month selections are not working.

Is there any way to achieve both functionality.

Please help.

Thanks In Advance.

2 Replies
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did you set the corresponding state(s) for the trigger(s)?


Hello, Sristi!

When you use an Alternate State you will able to check a new parameter in trigger menu.


Select your states and the trigger will work.

I also attache a simple example. When you open a document there is an auto-select of 5th month in 1st Tab and a 6th month in 2nd Tab in the same field "mn". Hope it helps!