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Qlikview April 2020 -and Governance Dashboard 2.1.4 - Issue


Will this version of the Governance Dashboard (Governance Dashboard 2.1.4) work for the Qlikview April 2020? I have changed the Default Paths for the following to

List of File Paths to Scan

Server Log Path(s)

And left the following blank as they are not used
Publisher Log Path(s)
Repository (QVPR) Path(s)

I have tried running it but I am getting errors back, the first being this on:

Field not found error

Field 'AuditTimestamp' not found

Join (SOE)
Replace(Audit_FileName,'/','\') & '|Document\' & Replace(AuditId,'Document\','') AS ObjectKey,
Sum(Audit_Count) as sense_profile_sheet_audit_count
Resident SessionTaskAuditMaster
Where AuditTimestamp >= 43885
AND (AuditType = 'Sheet'
OR (AuditType = 'Document' AND AuditMessage = 'Open')
Group by Audit_FileName,AuditId



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Per the Community page where the Governance Dashboard is now maintained, it appears you are on the most current release, so the only thing I can recommend you do is review the Help to ensure you have not missed something in the configuration.

The following link should take you directly to the info you need to review:


The other thing to potentially try would be to recreate the QVD files, as it could be you have something in the wrong format in the old ones etc.  This would mean a long reload to reload all of your historical data again into new QVD files, but after that, things should be good, only other thing that popped into my head.


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Partner - Contributor

Activate 'Audit Logging' in QMC will generate the expected log-files.

Another workaround would be to comment out the line

// CALL sense_profile 

In register 'Run logic'. Keep in mind that you loose the 'sense profile score'- information this way.

Regards Orlando