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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlikview - Count DayOfWeekNbr in Calendar regardless of Vol Fact

Good Morning,

I have a detail One row per in granularity)  fact, created a summary and using a Master Calendar.

When the Multibox gets selected, the data is shown appropriately.  However, I need to get the "number of days" in the master calendar even though there is no matching rows in the Detail.  How does that occur as I've tried many ways.

Ex - Count just Sundays in Master Calendar.

Count({<DayOfWeekNBR={'1'}>}LastWeekMaster) (doesn't work)

Know about the associative model and everything links up.  What if "there is NO Detail and you still want to use the table.  Perhaps I don't understand the "set analysis" and while I've got many videos, been researching and reading, the "set of " I may not have.  In Addition, I might not have this structure correct.  the idea is so "filter" through the detail show that on the charts, and then get average (that filter number / (total number of dayOfWeekNbr (IE Sunday) - using filter.  (not using "Assocation on Detail fact ).

For example, All EDKey should have (5 sunday in April - even though EDKey doesn't have 5 sunday in Data)

If there are questions, happy to explain.

Thanks ALL!


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Specialist III
Specialist III


I would try

count({1< .... in your sert analysis to inhibit all selections

Contributor III
Contributor III

If I "dis associate" the calendar, that will give me what I need.  However, I thought the goal was to always "associate" the data.