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Specialist II
Specialist II

Qlikview Default color selection change

Hello Community,

i am changing qlikview default selection color(green to another color) using below macro.

its working fine in desktop,

but its not working in Access point... i am using this macro onopen trigger in Accesspoint.

and i am using qlikview latest version , and IE PLUGIN...

Kindly Help...

Many Thanks...

Sub SetColorPrefs()

Dim UserPrefs

set UserPrefs = _


' Set the "Selected" Color

UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(1).PrimaryCol.Col = _

RGB (0,0,255) ' Blue

UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(1).PrimaryCol.Col = _

RGB (255,255,0) ' Yellow

' Set the "Possible" Color

UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(2).PrimaryCol.Col = _

RGB (255,255,0) ' Yellow

UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(2).PrimaryCol.Col = _

RGB (0,0,0) ' Black

' Set the Excluded Color

UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(5).PrimaryCol.Col = _

RGB (200,200,200) ' Light gray

UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(5).PrimaryCol.Col = _

RGB (0,0,0) ' Black

' Set the Locked Color

UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(0).PrimaryCol.Col = _

RGB (255,0,0) ' Red

UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(0).PrimaryCol.Col = _

RGB (0,0,0) ' Black

ActiveDocument.GetApplication.SetUserPreferences _


end sub

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You might want to try this document extension instead:

Document Extension to override green selection color

Specialist II
Specialist II

Thanks For the Reply,

i downloaded and installed this extension, its working fine...

but how to edit colors, because its using blue color as default...

1) how can i add my own color to this extension ?

2) do i need to add this extension to all documents on my server, let say i have 100 documents on server...

do i need to open one by one and go to document properties >> extensions and i have to add extension there??

Many Thanks