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Qlikview Expressor & Qlikview Access point

Hi All,

I am new to expressor and trying to understand.

Is there any way we can couple Expressor  with Access point ?

Or is Express or is always behind the scene ?



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Not sure what the question is, but here you have bunch of information what Expressor can be used for/with;

QlikView Expressor Tutorials

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Hi Chiru,

QlikView Expressor Desktop / Server - which comprises of 4 components. A design environment - QVE Desktop, a version control and team development Repository, a server side Engine so created content can be deployed and executed on a server (QV Server / Publisher) and the QlikView Expressor Connector.

QlikView Expressor Desktop - is used to prepare and manage data for QlikView applications. Its primary function is to create a Dataflow that visually provisions (access, conform, cleanse, etc.) data for QlikView. There are components to access data, cleanse, transform and control its flow and output to QlikView and other target systems. QlikView Expressor defines and captures the source, target and business rule metadata along the way which can be reused in other projects and reused amongst multiple QlikView applications. It can help reduce QlikView scripting in certain cases and offers a repeatable way of defining meta-driven QlikView applications. It provides an easy to use interface that most QlikView developers will feel comfortable with.

The Repository allows the storage and version control of what are called design-time model components used to create the Dataflow. (connections, schemas, business rules, templates, etc.)

The Server (engine component known as etask.exe) - will just execute what is created on the QV Server / Publisher machines.


Varun Bhat


Expressor is always behind the scenes. Expressor is used to generate data sets loaded by the QV script. The script runs to refresh the document data and Access Point is how the user accesses that updated Document. There is no direct connection or integration between the two components.


Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Chiranjeevi,

Expressor and Accesspoint are both of different entities, Expressor is an ETL tools like Informatica, Datastage, Abinitio, etc.  Expressor loads data from various datasources, transforms data and  load data into database/flat files.  Using this data the dashboards are created.

While Accesspoint is the place where users access the dashboards.

Hope this helps you.