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Qlikview File Size


I use Qlikview V 11

I have a question about the files size  ( Qvw) :

I created a reporting  with several dashboards.

The size is  1,3 Go  ( too big)

when I delete all the dasboard, the size is still 1,3 Go

when I reload Data the size is still 1,3 Go

I done a test :

I created a new reporting without any dashboard  and when I load the same Datas, the file size is 400 Mo.

I don't understand 

Is there any function in Qlikview  as  " Shrink" in a Database to reduce/optimize the file size ?

thanks for your help !

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Daniel,

yes there is Reduce data in qlikview in two ways:

1. remove all values

2. keep possible values

Under File -> reduce data can be found



Champion III
Champion III

On the qvw's Document Properties, General tab one can set Compression.

Whilst reducing the qvw size this will have a performance hit due to the time taken for the compression / decompression.

Creator III
Creator III


You can compress your document qlik.

You can go to document propertise\general\save format \compression\High

Hopr helpful


Perhaps you need to optimise the data you have loaded into your app.

The app size can depend on the variability of your data as much as the number of rows.

Replacing timestamp fields with date fields can if the time is not required can change the storage requirements.

This post has more details  The Importance Of Being Distinct

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Thanks for your answer, colin

But i 'll like to understand how Qlikview run!

1 - I created a reporting   with several dashboards.      >>Report 1: size is 1,3 Go

2 - A new reporting without Dashboard   but with the same Data set >> Report 2: size is  400 Mo

3 - when I deleted all the dashboard from the report 1  : Size is still 1,3 Go

I try to understand what is the difference between the 2 reports : The gap is 900 Mo


If your app size increases significantly when you add your dashboards it sounds like you have some inefficient expressions that are creating large temporary datasets.

Can you post a (reduced) example of you app? Then we can advise on your actual app rather than generic examples.