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Qlikview Personal Edition - How to perform a file recover and generate a new user key?


I have installed Qlikview Personal Edition on a new computer. As a result, I cannot open previously created  files/documents created on the old computer.

As per portion of the Qlikview artical listed below, to open the files/documents on the new computer, a new user key has to be generated. Please, read below...

"Should you change computers, you will not be able to open your previously created documents with QlikView Personal Edition. In this case, you can choose to recover your files. Recovering files means a new user key is generated, assigned to the old document and used for all subsequent files, not only for that particular file. After recovering a file, you can no longer use it on the computer that you created it in. QlikView will accept 4 user key changes in a document. "

Please, could you share details step by step on how to  perform file recovery and to generate a new user key assigned to the old file(s).


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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


Check below topic

Basically just open the file and Qlik automatically should suggest you to change the user key.

Hope this helps.