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Qlikview Reports separate in more files (Seriendruck)

Dear community, I created an Report with Seriendruck (Filter on Listbox"Release") . It is working fine. I get the whole report in one document. Now I want, that each value of this filter is printed NOT in the same PDF, but in the new document. If value of Listbox "Release 1", then Diagrams in  --> 1.pdf if value of Listbox "Release 2" then Diagrams in  --> 2.pdf So instead of one PDF-document, I need more PDF-documents. It depend of the values in the Listbox. How / Where I can configurate this ? Kind regards

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Are you using report editor? If so, you can have separate pages for separate values in lisbox. Page Settings->Banding-> 'Loop page over possible values in field'