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Qlikview connect to TFS


What we're trying to do is connect Qlikview to TFS.

We’ve setup a working TFS-server and client, on the same machine as the Qlikview Desktop client. TFS is accessible through the browser and using Windows identification/authentication. On the TFS-side everything appears to be ok.

When we’re trying to connect Qlikview, it recognizes the TFS-server and collection, but after that we get the following error.


It looks like Qlikview is not using the right identity to call TFS. We can’t find this ID/guid from the screenshot in any other databases or in the Active Directory.

If another user logs in on the same VM (using his own Windows-credentials), he gets the same error but with a different ID/guid.

If I logout and login again, I get the same error with the same ID/guid, so it must be connected to my user-account/instance somehow.

When accessing dashboards, we’re all using named CAL’s. The license is registered on the company.

So I was hoping someone might have a clue where Qlikview gets this ID/guid from and how we could fix this in the Qlikview Desktop Client to make it connect to TFS.

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