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Qlikview or Business Objects

Please help me guys
I have 5+ experience in Business Objects and I recently joined one company.

I have attended Qlikview training and now I am feeling that Qlikview has limited features as compared to Business Objects,Also the data source used in Qlikview is mostly excel.
The problem is if I work on Qlikview now then I will be out of Business Objects hands on including sql ,Also I cannot go to any other company before 12 months.
So I am unable to take decision that whether working in Qlikview will be good for future prospective compared to Business Objects or not

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Probably you should take a look to a more wide variety of Qlik projects before expressing such that judice ...

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So are your data sources from excel or do you think qlikview is mostly excel? Qlikview is not ONLY excel. We use only SQL and NoSql datasources.

What are you trying to compare? Qlikview offers in memory techonology which make the performance a lot faster than SSRS,BO whatever. And do you think you will be worser to SQL by not using BO? Qliview has a similar syntax to SQL, so i think you still will be able to maintain ur skill level.


You can utilize you SAP BO visualization skill in QlikView . As you have 5+ yr experience in BI so it will not be challenge for you to work on data model .