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Qlikview resolution for Laptop, Tablet & app

Hi All,

If I want to show Qlikview dashboard on Laptop, Tablet & app, do I need to create same dashboard 3 times or do we have any option?

Please suggest.


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Creator III
Creator III

Hello! I think you must create choose option(links) to other tabs, then user is openning application.

And yes.. optimize every tab  for each type of devices.(for ex. first for IPAD,second for PC)


Hi Narendra,

QlikView is not web responsive as Qlik Sense is... So if you want that the user experience with QlikView is really good you would need to build exactly in the screen resolution of each user.

By default what most of us do is to build in the most restrictive resolution in order to the applications can be used by the biggest ammount of users possible... You have to take into account that each person uses his/her own navigator with more or less menus, etc. so it is very difficult sometimes to reach the desired results...

If you have the luck that your user use IE, the always can use 'Fit Zoom to Window' and the resolution will fit to the application.

Hope it serves!




Hi Narendra,

if you want to create 3 apps for 3 different devices its required most of the efforts and unnecessary manpower issue.

so some of the developers advice we can ask the client in HLD itself (High level design Document) time and we will get the approval from user and developers will work for that particular  resolution only.


Even i also not faced this situation so i am not sure this one 100 %.