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Contributor III

Qlikview slowness and huge size of QLIKVIEW file

I created a QLIKVIEW document which contains five transaction table. I have only two years data. But when I reload my script the file became 700MB approax. I load the data from SQL Server through SSAS tabular Model. The file is too slow to response when I open it from developer or web. How can I reduce the file  size? And also how can I solve the slowness issue?

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When open the file it is a question of your system performance(disk type, network capacity)

for server, you can preload the app so it is always in memory (beware of hardware resources)

To reduce datas: 

load only field you need (don't use select * from datasource but select field1, field2, fieldn from datasource)



If you simply loaded five tables from your datasource, then your data model likely has a bird's nest of synthetic (composite) keys. These can take a long time to generate and can require a vast amount of space. But they also contain a mass of invalid or meaningless associations, so your document probably will not work anyway. If you can open the model in desktop, press Ctrl-T to look a the table viewer to see what you loaded.

Remember that a Qlikview is not a set of tables like a database. the entire model is interlinked and associated. So you may need rethink your model design and how the data is associated. You might also want to search for articles and blog posts in the community on how to build large dataset models.

BTW - 700MB is not especially large for a Qlik model. I have worked on several that have been 2-5GB in file size and even that is not the largest possible. But they do requires lot of RAM.

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