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Qlikview with Business Objects best practices

Hi, please could anyone provide advise on the best way to use qlikview with business objects?  I recently started a role in an organization that has used business objects for many years but are now in the early stages of using qlikview for dashboard reporting.  The organization is unlikely to move away from using business objects so i was wondering if anyone has advice on how to best use qlikview alongside business objects.  The points i would like clarity on are below:

  • ive heard of business objects connectors (datarocket , integr8tor) to tap into the business objects universe's & data.  Does anyone recommend these? what are the likely costs for these connectors
  • how about using the existing business objects administrator to routinely export csv/txt files for qlikview import
  • would it be best to bypass business objects completely and extract the data from the oracle database using qvds?
  • are there any practical tips on how to start new project using qlikview alongside business objects
  • are there any good guides/documentation/books that can help with this

Look forward to your answers.



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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Jason,

Just wondering how you have got on with this as we might be in a similar situation soon?



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Ive had no joy in afraid and I'm disappointed with the lack of knowledge from this QV forum.

Have you found any literature on the subject ?


Having not worked in BO, I am not the best person to comment on it . Still, against one of your queries

jasontrofimczuk wrote:


  • would it be best to bypass business objects completely and extract the data from the oracle database using qvds?

I would say - Yes, it would be better to get data directly from oracle.

Creator II
Creator II

No, nothing, which is fine, as I've suggested we nick the code and cut out the business objects part completely.  We are looking to move the reporting into Qlikview anyway, so seems sensible to cut out any BO component.  🙂

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Hi there

Did you manage to come right with this ever?
I've used it and found it to be quite good - I should say here, though that I'm a BO person using Qlik so my Qlik knowledge is not vast. But I did manage to use the BO universe as well as WebI reports as the source for a QV exercise.

You can by all means bypass the BO system and go directly to the Oracle db. However if it's a large complex db and there is no real plan to remove BO from the company, rather add Qlik as an extension of functionality, then I would say the Integr8tor product is good.

There wasn't much set up simply a jar file if I remember correctly- does this help at all? http://vimeo.com/43559983