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Qlikview with realtime data

Hi All,

I hope I'm asking this question in the right place, if not, please let me know

So... I'm trying to use qlikview with realtime data. In my scenario reloading every time new data comes in is infeasible. Based on for instance Real Time Data – A Direct Discovery Use-Case  I'm trying to use direct discovery for this. I have a direct query with a Dimension field that associates to the in-memory data and a Measure field with realtime data that should be populated from an external database. The principle idea is working out fine, but I run into trouble when I try to visualize the realtime data nicely. It seems that I can not use the realtime/external-database-only/direct-discovery-measure field as the dimension of a graph (thats not totally unexpected considering this is explicitly not a dimension in the direct discovery query). But that would be the preferred way of visualization. I, for instance, want a bar chart where the set of bars is defined by the realtime data.

So my question is: is this possible using Direct Discovery? If not, how else should best approach this problem?



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