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Questions about info collected by Qlikview server log


We have problems with our server, the qv server is down frequently. We handle very heavy files (10 Gb and tons of rows). In order to obtain info about these issues we tried to check the QV Servers log. However, there are some registers that we do not understand.

700InformationSE_LOG: Server - UpdateSharedFile: updating DONE for document xxxxxxxxxxxx.QVW

This register means that the document has been refreshed and saved?

700InformationDebug: CNTService::OnInterrogate()
700InformationDebug: Updating status (9961248, 4)
700InformationDebug: CNTService::SetStatus(9961248, 4)
700InformationDebug: Entering CNTService::ServiceMain()


We have googled it and as far we know, these registers are about windows service, right?



NUMA: QVS configured to get adapt to NUMA environment



700InformationDocument PreLoad: Stop
700InformationDocument PreLoad: Start

Cheers and thanks in advance

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Usually such things are caused through a too high workload related to the available resources. Especially if server and publisher or maybe any other tools are running at the same time and/or the working set settings aren't suitable which might end in not enough resources for the OS and/or the processes are busy for some time and not more responding until they finshed their task.

Quite often will already a monitoring within the taskmanager display if there are such problem. Further helpful is the use of the governance dashboard: QlikView Governance Dashboard 2.0.4 released!.

To your log-information:

- UpdateSharedFile will probably mean that the shared-file of the qvw is refreshed but not the qvw itself.

- NUMA is a partitioning of the RAM - AFAIK it's not recommended for using (at least in earlier releases)

- PreLoad means probably the qmc feature to load a qvw within the RAM before a user has opened it. While updating the qvw it will be stoped and started afterwards again - probably depending on various settings.

- Marcus