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RangeSum() regardless of selection/filters

Hi All,

I am having an issue while using a rangesum() function with selection. I have a requirement where need to calculate six months rolling data(Accumulate Error) for Net Case Error. When I am using  rangesum() function its working fine but if I select particular month it doesn't calculate six months rolling data for Net Case Error. I tried using set analysis feature after reading many posts on community, but its not working. If someone can help me to resolve, it would be very grateful.. \

I have attached below qvw file,

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Can someone help me in this, please??


Without seeing your too big sample, have you gone through: Calculating rolling n-period totals, averages o... | Qlik Community ?

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Hi Tresesco,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have gone through this link and tried some option of it but its not working for me.

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Please post the scenario with little data and detailed explanation, attachment in the post is too big for any one to download with patience.