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Redundancy in some reports

Hi guys, i need help.

     I work with Qlikview a almost two year, but i don't have very experience in methods and administration, when i start work in the company, a lot of thing were already on. But now, i have i work to do, i need performe some bi's.

     Here, in my job, there is a vision specific to each sector, and we distribute a number X of licenses for each vision.


Bi-Finance have 3 licences

Bi-Commercial have 30 licenses

Bi-Executive Board have 2 licenses.....

     But, in several bi's there are repeated tabs, for exaple, Sales, in each vision there is a sheet Sales, to which they all seem.

     Unfortunately i can't create a Bi-Sales, and give licence for everyone, because a don't have a lot licenses.

        My idea was create a Bi-Sales and load this vision in other vision with BINARY LOAD, but i dont know if this is a better way.

        If some one knows a better method to decrease redundancy, or explain me how works Qlikview in your company, I would be very grateful...

Thank you...

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Instead of loading it several times.. could you then just load it once. and then link to the Sales from the other instances?


Hi Mike, it's exactly what I wanna do. I did this using Binary Load, but I do not know if it is a better way. I wanna know if there is a more effective method, something more recommended.

But if Binary Load is the only way, it would be good to see if anyone already uses it to know if I'm using Binary Load right.

Thank you for your anwser.