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Reg: Expression cyclic group in Pivot table / St table :

Dear all

In Chart Properties under Expressions tabs there is an option for greating cyclic group for expressions.

Im using a Group which has three expressions reg.




as labels.

but i want to use only 2 labels(members) like



in cyclic.

If we click Profit in cyclic only profit exp should come.

If we click Cost/Revenue in clyclic two expressions for Cost and Revenue should come.

can any one tell me how to use cyclic here.


Ashok Kumar

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary


Cyclic groups only allow single expressions (very much like cyclic dimension groups only allow single dimensions). It looks like in your case you need two similar charts, one with a single expression and another one with two expressions.

hope it helps,


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I ran into the same problem.

My solution was to use an if expression based on a variable in the title, label and expression entries.
Also I used a button to switch the status of the variable (here it is named my_cyclic) between wanted states.

For instance:

The button action used is set to change the variable my_cyclic as follows: (so my_cyclic is always either 0 or 1)

=mod(my_cyclic+1,2) // my_cyclic swaps between 2 expressions, increase the number 2 to increase the size of your cyclic group.


my_cyclic=0, sum(field1),
if(my_cyclic=1, sum(field2_a*field2_b))


=if(my_cyclic=0,'Title 1',
if(my_cyclic=1,'Title 2')
&' using the my_cyclic variable '