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Contributor II
Contributor II

Regd QlikView Zoomable Sunburst D3 Extension

Hi All,

I have 'n' columns in my source data in a spreadsheet. For any nth column, the successive columns will be children. To me more precise, for Data values in col-5, the corresponding col-6, col-7 .. etc will be children to col-5.  And also this data doesn't have any numerical values and it holds only textual data. So that is the reason why we have chosen the most readable d3 object "Zoomable sunburst"  extension for Qlikview and could transform the source data into Child-Parent relationship data so as the object can display the contents in a categorized format.

Here the requirement is, in raw data we have 5 columns , so each column is considered as a level. So when the customer selects any two columns(col1 & col2) of the source data , the zoomable d3 object should display only col1 & col2 data alone but not the entire hierarchies present in the source data.

Is it possible to change the source data contents (to extension object)  based on the filter criteria on the dashboard. I guess this is not the way Qlik works as we first reload the source data into qlikview. So is there any other we can achieve this requirement in Qlikview ?



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