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Reload Schedule Limit To Certain Times Of The Day

I have Qlikview report that reports from a legacy Iseries/AS400 database.

Users want the report updating regularly with updates which means I have set up a management console schedule to run every 30 minutes.  However there is no value in running from 7pm to 7am as there are no users to use it and worse still it can cause problems for the Iseries backup if a read lock is placed on files overnight.  Is there a way to set up a schedule to run the report every 30 minutes but within a time frame of 7am to 7pm?

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I have added to this same function by creating a MySQL database.  All of my scripts begin by reading the database with a simple SQL that returns a true or false. I then peek the results and follow the "if else" process described here. Very neat and simple method of controlling reoccurring tasks.