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Remove results of 0,00 in the qlik view pivot table from a string

Hi everyone,

we have  results of 0,00 , in the qlikview pivot table , we would remove them.

So these are results obtained by a OLEDB query, for example:

Select  null as Invoice_number,vendor_name, org_amount_pre as net_accunted_balance,account, prep_amount as net _entered_balance

From --

Group By the fields in the select


Select invoice_number,vendor_name,arg_amount_pre as net_accunted_balance,account, prep_amount_ric as net _entered_balance

from --

Group by the fields in the select.

now, for the field Net_accounted_balance, that contains the 0,00 results, we adapetd a solution like

if(sum(net _entered_balance)=0,net _entered_balance,sum(net _entered_balance))

but the results remove only values of 0,00 and replaces them with values NULL on the field net _entered_balance,

Finally, we would to remove the integer string, that produce results of 0,00 and it is associeted by other field in the SELECT.

N.B. WE have in the pivot table the same field of the select.

Thank you in advance for your reponses.




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From /...../
Where isnumber(net_entered_balances):
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